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Miscellaneous Photos

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Colorful Fish

Macaw in Santa Barbara

Mount Rainier Park

Jelly Fish

Filoli Gardens

Fall Leafs


Fish Blur

Frosted Leaf 

Frosted Windshield 

Tree Closeup

Green Twisted Tree 

Hot Air Balloon 

Inflating Balloon 


Key West Sunset 

Lunar Eclipse 

Misty Mountains 

Nantucket Colored Glass 

Ocean Sunset


Pinnacles Nat'l Park 


Quarter Moon 


Sun Behind Clouds 

Sunset Wave Spray 

Two Poppies 

Wind Turbine Sunset 

Yellow/Green Tree 

Aquarium Sea Otter

Birds Silhouette 

Filoli Gardens


Ocean Sunset

Ocean Sunset

Pacifica, CA

Bolinas, CA

Comet Watchers

Espresso Neon


Rainbow Blur

Wailing Wall Bar Mitzvah, Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Bangkok Statue

Mount Cook, New Zealand

Melbourne, Australia

Australian Kangaroos

Australian Kangaroos
Mount Cook, New Zealand

Gikakuji, Kyoto
Ginkakuji, Kyoto

Tokyo City Hall with Mt. Fuji
Cabo San Lucas
Costa Rica Monkey

Taj Mahal, India

Humpback Whale,
Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Waves 800x600

Cabo San Lucas Hut 800x600

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