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Order High-Quality Archival Prints

Almost every photo on the site available for sale in multiple sizes!

Virtually every image you see on my web site is available as a high quality, archival print, suitable for framing. These images are scanned with a professional scanner and printed with the latest, high-quality printers for optimal quality. When protected under glass, these prints should last at least 25 years without any noticeable fading. Pricing below is for sales within the United States  (shipping included). 

Payments can be made by personal check or with a credit card if you set up an account with PayPal (http://www.PayPal.com). 

Please send an e-mail to Sales@MikeLevin.com listing the desired image, the quantity, and size and I will respond promptly regarding availability.  Mention the name of the file (e.g., http://www.mikelevin.com/BigSurGlow800.jpg) and the desired quantity and size.

(without mattes or frames):
5x7:  $30
8x10:  $45
11x14:  $70
12x18:  $100
13x19:  $110
Quantity discounts available.


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